Striking surfaces that stand out in your setting, Porceko® shines, gleams & comes in an unwrinkled matte finish. "It's like installing a compliment in your space!" Choose from three aesthetically pleasing finishes, the one that appeals most to you!

Ultra Gleam Surface

Introducing the marble spirited - "Ultra Gleam Surface", the Porceko slab has an eye-sparkling mirror-like finish, making it a perfect alternative for marbles. The brighter look gives an elegant and spacious view to the ambiance.

The enamel coating and hard grinding discs, render a sleek surface to the slabs. Highly durable in its surface is what makes the Porceko slabs a quintessential solution for any of your spaces.

Polished Surface

The through-body porcelain Polished surface lends a subtle glossy finish to be bewitched with. An exquisit - Polished Porceko slab possesses colours and chips that cross the whole body of the slab on its surface, enabling the slabs to hide the scratches over it.

Composed of the same material throughout, the colour of the top surface passes exactly the same to the body, thus imparting a full-body feature to the slab. "Unique aesthetic values and technical performance" render the Polished Surface suitable for both residential and commercial use, even for more demanding stresses.

Crestamatte®. Surface

Introducing the exceptionally vibrant - "Crestamattè®. Surface" that has an unwrinkled matt finish, makes the Porceko Slabs a versatile product to engage in. Whether looking for increased durability, or less maintenance, the Crestamattè®. finish slabs are a premier choice to go for.

The slabs are, super smooth to the touch, thus breaking the myth that matte surfaces are always rough in texture. Being resistant to any kind of scratches or stains, render the slabs in becoming an ideal solution to be used in any of your spaces. "Easy to clean with no spots to be seen - The Crestamattè®. surface slabs lends a magical feel to all your needs.'