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A new dawn of beauty, where the Porceko Slabs doth shine-exhibitions, events and meetings, A sight so divine!

Stona 2020 - International Stone Fair in Bangalore, India

We've unveiled the stunning new porcelain slab at Stona 2020, the International Stone Fair in India. Making its world debut amidst hundreds of exhibitors from across the globe, the elegant collection at Porceko is sure to turn heads! Experience the future of porcelain.

Elev8 - Architecture & Design Festival 2022

A glimpse of the exquisite porcelain slabs at the Elev8 Architect and Interior Design Exhibition - a showcase of the finest creations in the modern era. Meeting and greeting the curators of art and design is always amazing.

Helium 2023 - Architecture & Interior Design Meet at Pune

"The power of collaboration is limitless."Meeting new people and getting inspired by their ideas is the best episode ever Connecting with like-minded professionals in the field of architecture and interior design at our event. Networking and interacting at Helium Party Meet