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An idea, an emotion, a mood, a final product. Sustainable high-end Large Porcelain Slabs, Depicting the Best of Their Nature.

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Browse through immaculate designs of breathtaking surfaces, developed after breakthrough research and findings, each one of our collections has a brooding charm!
We are all set to make you Re-imagine, how you think surfaces! Large format Porcelain Slabs for flooring, walls, countertops and much more.

Crafting Contemporary Masterpieces

The Porceko Collections come from a space of modern & contemporary design and the need to provide you with the best! Our in-house quality control team ensures that each minute detail of the design is perfect, and only then we move towards final production.
Catering to architects, interior designers, retailers as well as consumers, Porceko meets all your varied expectations. Step into this world of innovation, and niche product development.

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Everything you've dreamt of, and everything that you functionally need. We've made sure that Porceko Porcelanite Slabs are everything you require and more..

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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked & we answered! Browse through some of the FAQ's and you may just find what you're searching for.. If not, get in touch with us today!

When it comes to design, style, and quality, Porceko is committed to impart quality in every sector, to ensure the fulfillment of the consumer needs. Our goal is to achieve a qualitative perfection reflected in our unparalleled collection which is developed through processes that integrate the core of design with a sense of workmanship.

While two materials are extremely durable, many people overlook the quiet strength of Porceko Slabs. Surprisingly, you discover that the Porceko Slabs are stronger than Granite and has the same hardness as Quartz.

Porceko offers 790x3000 mm large format Porcelain Slabs. It is available in thickness 15mm , a perfect suit to any application.

Thanks to the latest technology infused, the Porceko Slabs are easy to clean and maintain with just a combined use of wet and dry cloth

Offering products with moulding options is one of the latest challenges met by Porceko. The slabs have numerous edge possibilities leading the product to lend various excellent forms to the spaces applied.

The flexibility of "Cover X Technology" allows the various Product Collections developed by Porceko to be completely adapted to generate projects ranging from simple flooring or coverings for large or small surfaces to object-based application and furnishing accessories.