Like a wave that hits a stone, like how lighting hits the ground, slabs having different patterns of bespoke veins, flecks and swirls from Nature is what one shall witness in this collection.

Get Inspired

An inspiration to bring nature's finesse home, Quarry black is all you want and more !

A Delicate Balance

Natural Details for a solution interpreted in a sophisticated way, the luxury of a marble has been contained! The Quarry Black Collection provides a delicate balance to the taste of those adoring the beauty of stunning and luxurious natural stones.

From Inspiration,
to Final Product

Seamlessly integrated into practically any space you desire, the Possibilities with Porceko know no bounds. Translating your vision to tangebility is something that we take great pride in. Combining highest technological requirements with the elegance of ceramics, Porceko aims to introduce you to an unparalled way of living.