The flexibility of " Cover X Technology " allows Porceko Slabs to be seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle. Allowing your creativity, to run limitlessly, because the Possibilities are endless.

"Elevate Your Home's Aesthetic with Porceko: Premium Quality Slabs That Redefine Style and Durability."

Displaying Finesse

Crafted to perfection like a prized possession, Porceko Slabs can be put on display as Table Tops, Featured Walls, or at the Reception Lobby Areas.

Fascinating Kitchens

Stain Resistant & Anti-bacterial, It's almost irresistible to not use Porceko Slabs in and around your Kitchen! Designed for the contemporary home, Porceko Slabs can beautifully be applied as Countertops, Backsplash Tiles & even as integrated sinks.

Enchanting Bathrooms

Porceko Slabs are designed to take on as many roles as you. Hence making them a perfect addition to your modern bath as sturdy wall cladding, safely integrated sinks, and as attractive vanity tops.

Around your Space

In and around where you exist, Porceko Slabs are designed to co-exist with you, seemingly indestructible Porceko Slabs can be immaculately used for Door Framing, Window Framing, Staircases and just good old Flooring too.