Inspired by the beauty, art, architecture and design of mid - century Italy, Ingresso comes alive with the illustrative artwork of the finest finish River Slate Stone. Luxury is in the details, dive in to explore!

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To integrate the tough features of real earth like material, and the illustrations that impart the story of authenticity without any cosmetic add-ons.

Stone like finish

An organic and refined aesthetic impact, with the further advantages of simplicity of installation and exceptional resistance: This stone-effect technical porcelain is an ideal solution for rendering spaces a sophisticated atmosphere as given by a slate stone, bypassing all its defects.

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Seamlessly integrated into practically any space you desire, the Possibilities with Porceko know no bounds. Translating your vision to tangebility is something that we take great pride in. Combining highest technological requirements with the elegance of ceramics, Porceko aims to introduce you to an unparalled way of living.