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Carving a path into infinity, Porceko® is here to transform your experience of spaces ! Exquisite Porcelain Slabs enabled in qualitative perfection.

Pioneering to

The Porceko® Mission has been to give an innovative approach to this age-old substance, that can inspire an unparalleled way of living & expressing.

A trusted & reputed brand for Porcelain Slabs Porceko has established a hallmark in Premium Porcelain Surfaces worldwide.

Incombustible like Ideas

Think of the strongest surface you know, then think Porceko® Stronger than Granite, and possessing the same hardness as Quartz, Porceko® adapts and blends right into the place you lovingly call home..

Our strength stems from our skilled artisans & inventive designers who have sworn to bring Fantasy to Life!

Guided by

The Porceko® Process is one of a kind because it is rooted in thinking of the end consumer experience.

Bestowing you with a greater feeling of touch, our products are incorporated with several textured materials in a wide range of finishes.

The Porceko® Vision is to strive for uniqueness. We develop exceptional surfaces that inspire designers, architects & people in creation of spaces. Steering into the future by innovating & improving procedures that enhance our Product Performance.

Creating for the Best in the Industry, We provide Quality that Professionals seek.

With Continuous Development and Innovation, the company strives to fulfill the high choices of architects and designers across the country.

A value system based on Inception, Excecution and Application leaves nothing to chance!

Establishing trends in elegance & quality, we use cutting edge technology to provide timeless goods in an immaculate finish.

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